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Apr 29 2012

Required Reading

Here are some things that I think every CM should read / watch

This page is currently under construction, but here are some links to some important videos.

To understand more about the achievement gap, watch this panel discussion from last summer

You should watch the whole thing (it is over 2 hours) and make your own judgments.  Michelle Rhee represents the TFA ‘poverty is not an excuse’ side while Diane Ravitch and most of the others represent the side that believes that it is a lot more complicated than that.

If you want to see my analysis of the discussion, you can find it here.

Wendy Kopp and Diane Ravitch had a ‘discussion’ at the Aspen Ideas Festival last year.  My commentary of this can be found here.

Geoffrey Canada and Diane Ravitch had a debate on Education Nation last year.  You can see it here.

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