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May 28 2012

Occupy TFA

One of the ironies of TFA is that while they select corps members because of their leadership potential, they also expect those same future transformational leaders to be very obedient followers during training.  Though TFAers joke about ‘Drinking The Kool-Aid,’ and taking a blind leap of faith, it is worth noting that the ‘Kool Aid’ thing is a reference to a cult mass suicide in the 1970s.

Given the choice between drinking Kool-Aid and eating fresh nutritious fruits and vegetables, you’d be better off with what is real.

The Occupy TFA Home Page is a portal with links to various message boards which will enable current corps members to communicate and discuss issues that arise during the summer training and beyond.

This blog is maintained by me, Gary Rubinstein, a 1991 TFA alum, and someone who has been frustrated by TFA’s slowness to improve some of the flaws in the training model and in the program itself.  I do fully believe that TFA can be ‘fixed’ (reformed, if you will), but only if the members, current and past, speak (or write) up.  This entire enterprise only took a few minutes to set up so I will not be that disappointed if it does not ‘take off’ this year.  If the training has improved and CMs are feeling like they are truly getting prepared for next year, and have nothing to complain about, I would celebrate that as that is something I’ve been pushing for over the past very many years.

The content on this site, I hope, will be generated through comments on the various pages, which will serve as message boards.

There will be message boards for each institute as well as a general board.  If people request a new page for them to discuss an issue, I will occasionally check the ‘general’ page to see what sorts of requests have happened, and I will try to add pages for those topics.

General Message Board

Required Reading

Institute Pages

Atlanta Institute

Chicago Institute

Delta Institute

Houston Institute

Los Angeles Institute

New York City Institute

Philadelphia Institute

Phoenix Institute

Tulsa Institute

Other Boards

Staff response page

I’m outta here page (for people who want to leave a farewell message after quitting TFA)

2 Responses

  1. parus

    Just so you guys know, I suspect TFU shares personal info with TFA, (I got a perfectly pleasant email from TFA about one of my blog posts at my work address, despite not using my contact info or real name anywhere in the blog) so anyone wanting to remain anonymous should keep that in mind.

  2. Thought some of the TFA grads might like to see what a reunion looks like:

    TFA Indoctrination

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